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APU Students take the Podium at Chinese Speech Contest:


Jun 10, 2009

On Saturday, May 23, 2009, five APU students took part in the "2009 Wu_Xing_Jiang Chinese Speech Contest for University Students" held at Kyushu Sangyo University in Fukuoka City, and achieved some great results.

This contest, now in its 10th year and the largest Chinese speech contest in the western Japan area, also serves as the Kyushu region preliminary round for the International Chinese Speech Contest for University Students. This year approximately 90 university, college, and high school students from Kyushu and Yamaguchi took part and vied for the top spots in the speech and recital divisions.

Winner of the Speech Division, UCHIDA Kie (APS3, Japan) has been learning Chinese for approximately 2.5 years. Before taking on the challenge of appearing at this contest she wrote her script and practiced her pronunciation many times under the guidance of Center for Language Education Senior Lecturer ZHANG Wenqing. On the day she demonstrated the results of her Chinese language study with her fluid Chinese as she gave her speech under the theme of "Hearth to Heart Exchange" on her exchange experiences in China, the difficulties in learning Chinese and how she overcame them.

Ms. UCHIDA spoke of her happiness at winning first prize, "I received a great deal of help from Senior Lecturer ZHANG and my Chinese friends in correcting and re-correcting my speech script and with guidance with my pronunciation. As I was able to practice my presentation at lectures attended by many students, I didn't feel very nervous when I stood on the stage. Also, being able to do my best and achieve good results had given me a lot of confidence. I want to consider this prize a step as I continue to study Chinese further in the future.

APU currently has 655 students who speak Chinese as their mother tongue (as of May 1, 2009). Furthermore, in addition to providing the Language Center and engaging in the teaching of Chinese as one of the languages of the Asia Pacific region, the on-campus Confucius Institute also actively provides students and people of the community with the opportunity to study the Chinese language and culture.

Results of the "2009 Wu_Xing_Jiang Chinese Speech Contest for University Students"

Recital 1st Division:
2nd place: CHANG Usuk(APM3, Korea)
3rd place: AOSHIMA Yuki (APS3, Japan)

Recital 2nd Division:
3rd place: CHERDHIRUNKORN Sinerat (APM4, Thailand)

Speech Division:
1st place: UCHIDA Kie (APS3, Japan)

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