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Vietnamese Week Gets Underway!


Jun 15, 2009

On Monday, June 15, 2009, The AY2009 Multicultural Weeks were kicked off when "Vietnamese Week" got underway.Every year at APU where students from 87 countries and regions come together, we hold Multicultural Weeks to introduce and throw the spotlight on the culture and languages of these countries and regions. During the week there will be plenty of Vietnamese gourmet cooking available at the Cafeteria, a space to try on traditional "Ao Dai" ethnic costumes and free Vietnamese coffee tasting.

At the Friday 19 Grand Show, you will be able to see the Vietnamese music and dance performance and "Ao Dai" fashion show performed at the Oita City "Nursing Day" event held in May earlier this year.

There are currently 218 Vietnamese international students studying at APU (as of May 1, 2009). APU and Vietnam continue to enjoying a cooperative relationship including a cooperation agreement with Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam National University and the holding of short-term training programs in Vietnam.

Schedule for Vietnamese Week
Monday, June 15 – Friday 19, 10:35-17:35
Vietnamese Coffee tasting @ Cafeteria Booth
Ethnic Costume Exhibition (Ao Dai) @ Cafeteria Booth
Vietnamese food @ Cafeteria

Monday 15
12:00-13:00 Opening Show @ Cafeteria
10:35-17:35 Vietnam home stay information display @ Cafeteria Booth
10:35-17:35 Traidat Photo/Information Exhibition (Joint host: Traidat) @ Cafeteria Booth

Tuesday, 16
18:00-20:00 Vietnamese Cooking Class @ AP House Kitchen
(*not open to the public)

Wednesday, 17
10:00-16:00 Soccer Tournament @ Multipurpose Field
18:00-20:00 Vietnamese Language Experience @ AP House 2, AP Hall (*not open to the public)

Friday, 19
18:30-20:00 Grand Show @ Millennium Hall

*Multicultural Week is sponsored by the Nakajima Foundation.

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