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Working in English –Special lecture by NHK Radio English Lecturer:


Jun 16, 2009

On Wednesday, June 10, 2009, the "4th Follow-up Lecture" special lecture for new entrants welcomed YOICHI Shimakawa a business consultant known as a tutor on the "NHK Radio, Business Communication in Simple English" under the theme of "Business English 101".

Class lecturer Mr. YOICHI is involved in leadership and employee development programs at foreign financial industries in Japan and Japanese industries in the US, and the development and implementation of cross-cultural programs. He also utilizes his 20 years of English in the US in the "NHK Radio, Business Communication in Simple English" and as an English teacher at Keio University.

During his lecture, Mr. YOICHI spoke of how even if the same English is spoken in Europe or the US, there are differences in communication styles. He spoke of the 3 basic rules: be Clear, Concise and Relevant, "in cross-cultural communication, we must understand the aspects of each others cultural values and communication styles which can't be seen on the surface, know their differences, and seek to switch our communication style in accordance to the situation."

One of the people in the audience said, "Having taken this lecture, I felt the importance of conveying ones intentions in words. I will aim to improve my English skills so that I can express my will in English". Another said, "I want to utilize what I learnt today and try first hand cross-cultural communication". It proved to be a great opportunity for the students to know ones habits and increase ones desire to continue to study at APU.

This Follow-up lecture was held for current students under the theme of business cross-cultural communication and called for people to attend in the hope that it would be a reference in their future career design. Many senior students also participated and the classroom was crowded with people who came along to hear the lecture who outnumbered the students.

APU aims to raise first year student's desire to study and awareness of goals, create an independent and active study style, promote the creation of a multicultural learning community etc, and diversify and systematize first year student education.
The Follow-up Classes are held throughout the year for first year students who took the "Pre-entry English Skill-Up Lectures".
Please refer to the Academic Office web-site for more details on future schedules etc (Japanese only)

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