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The First Step Toward Peace – APU Student Group APU Traidat Symposium


Jul 8, 2009

On Wednesday, June 17, 2009, APU Traidat, a student group appealing to people of the damage of Agent Orange use during the Vietnam War, invited Ms. HATAKEYAMA Sumiko of the "Peace Boat" NGO to deliver a symposium entitled "The young people linking the Past and Future – a Bridge to Peace" and debate what young people can do for peace.

During the symposium, in addition to an introduction of the activities of APU Traidat, Ms. HATAKEYAMA of "Peace Boat", a NGO which travels by ship around the world and promotes international exchange and peace activities at the grass roots level, spoke of victims of nuclear weapons and her involvement in the abolition in nuclear weapons.

Regarding Agent Orange, Traidat made an appeal, "Although 30 years have passed since the end of the Vietnam War, people are still suffering from ecological and environmental damage. However there is the danger that as time goes by, the world's awareness of this will fade away. We should take an interest in global issues and share our awareness with other people".

During her speech, Ms. HATAKEYAMA spoke of her hopes for peace as she spoke of her experiences on the Peace Boat, "The young people with no knowledge of war should be sensitive to the state and problems of the world and I hope that they will value the importance of peace".

APS Associate Professor FUCHINOUE Hideki who joined in the discussion, said, "I hope you will continue to learn and teach about peace regardless of whether or not you directly know war". At the conclusion of the symposium, he added, "It is important to know things from a global viewpoint and express a new sense of value".

Furthermore, on Tuesday 16, Traidat held a free-talk session over 3 hours under the theme of "Identity" and "What job do you want to do?" in which the participants exchanged their lively opinions on what they thought of their identity.

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The Student Group "APU Traidat" has been adopted by the Toyota Foundation Grant Program

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA): HOSAKA Ryosuke (APS2, Japan)

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