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Consultation Session held by Student Exchange Advisors (SEA)


Jul 14, 2009

From Monday, June 29 until Friday, July 3, 2009, an overseas exchange consultation session was held at the Cafeteria aiming to get more students interested in overseas exchange. Student Exchange Advisors (SEA), students with experiences of overseas exchanges, were on-site and lent a kind ear and gave advice to the students who came along.

The exchange support advisors (SEA) are student staff and all have overseas exchange/study program experiences and provide students overseas exchange experience from a student's point of view. With 9 current registered members, the group has been active since 2007. Based on their experiences of overseas exchange, the group provides a wide range of advice and puts together publications relating to exchange programs primarily for current students.

One of the students who sought advice said, "Leading up to my overseas exchange, I have been nervous about my preparations and living in my exchange country, but having heard from someone who has experienced it, I am now even more excited as I work towards my overseas exchange."

KASAMATSU Taiyo (APM4, Japan) a student exchange advisor who has experienced a student exchange to America, said, "As there are still only a small amount of students at APU looking to go on an overseas exchange, I hope that through this consultation session that students will be more proactive and consider an overseas exchange. Also, as there are some things that one has to experience for oneself to understand, I hope that we student exchange advisors will give advice based on our own experiences and that we can provide APU students with the opportunity to think about overseas exchange."

APU which places "Knowledge", "Experience" and "Exchange" as the essential elements of learning, provides a substantial supportive environment and a wealth of overseas exchange opportunities. We look forward to APU students actively taking up the challenge.

The overseas exchange consultation session may have concluded, but the advice on overseas exchange will continue to be available next to the Academic Counter.
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http://www.apu.ac.jp/apuint/modules/n ... storyid=263&lang=english

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA): MAEHARA Hironobu (APM3, Japan)

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