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Start of joint Industry-Government-Academic CO2 emission reduction pilot Project


Aug 27, 2009

With the cooperation of the Ministry of the Environment, Kyushu Regional Environmental Office, and members of the industrial sector such as KDDI Corporation, APU has started on a pilot joint Industry-Government-Academic civilian sector CO2 emission reduction project together with Kitsuki City and the Regional Environment Network NPO Trust. Selected into the Cabinet Office's "Regional Revitalization Project", this experimental project works towards the reduction of greenhouse gasses and subsequent carbon-creditization by engaging in eco-drives and eco-commuting.

Looking toward the future, the program has the possibility to be expanded to the prefectural level to include other cities, towns and villages in addition to Kitsuki City. On the other hand, as strong prefectural leadership in vital, APS Professor TSUKADA Shunso paid a visit to the Governor of Oita Prefecture, HIROSE Katsusada to report the start of the project. As Oita Prefecture is in charge of environmental issues at the Kyushu Association of Prefectural Governors, the Governor showed a great interest in the project.

This year, they plan to collect base line data, build the software to measure CO2 reductions using cell phones equipped with acceleration sensors and GPS technology, and engage in the formation of a concept which will make the transaction of carbon credits generated by this program possible.

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