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The APU 10th Anniversary Event Period Gets Underway


Oct 1, 2009

On Thursday, October 1, 2009, the APU 10th Anniversary Event Period got officially underway. APU will mark its 10th Anniversary in April 2010 and over the next 12 months will be holding a range of commemorative events under the concept of "The Bonds of Friendship 10 years on –and now towards a new stage". These events will both express our thanks for the last 10 years and also our aspirations for the next decade.
APU has been publicizing the 10th anniversary through a range of methods such as the publication of the "Story of the Birth of APU" and the creation the 10th Anniversary logo and commemorate polo shirts. In the coming months APU will be developing a range of events to express our thanks for the last ten years and to share our knowledge with the community such as academic symposiums, public lectures and events that make use of our multicultural surroundings.

We aim to express our thanks for the last 10 years to the wider community and with the cooperation of the Oita Kotsu and Kamenoi bus companies, wrapped busses featuring APU images, logo and our words of thanks will be running for the next 12 months. We will also be distributing illustrations designed by one of our international students, BUI Xuan Dung (APM3, Vietnam) of the symbolic APU twin towers.
Please look forward to upcoming 10th Anniversary Events.


The 10th Anniversary Event Schedule

Sat, Oct 17:The 1st APU Public Lecture: Special Lecture by ISHII Yoneo
Sat, Oct 24:"Tenku" Campus Festival
Sun, Oct 25:"Tenku" Campus Festival
Sat, Nov 14:The 2nd APU Public Lecture
Sat, Nov 21:
The Confucius Institute 3rd Anniversary Commemorative Symposium
Sat, Dec 12:The 3rd APU Public Lecture
Sat, Dec 12:RCAPS Conference "Reflction on the Asia Pacific"
Sun, Dec 13:RCAPS Conference "Reflction on the Asia Pacific"
Sat, Jan 23:The 4th APU Public Lecture
Sun, Jun 20:APU 10th Anniversary "Thanksgiving Gathering"

*Only finalized events have been listed. We are currently considering further events to meet the needs of the wider general public.
*There may be slight changes to event dates etc of the events listed.
*Information on upcoming events will be made available on the soon to be opened "10th Anniversary Commemorative Homepage".

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