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Student NGO "PRENGO" holds Photo Exhibition in Fukuoka City


Nov 5, 2009

From Friday, September 25 until Wednesday, October 14, 2009 the APU Premier Student Organisation "PRENGO" held a photo exhibition in central Fukuoka City of their volunteer activities.

Held across two venues, Ritsumeikan PLAZA Fukuoka and Fukuoka City Hall, First Floor Lobby, the exhibition displayed pictures of the classes and happy faces of the primary school in Thailand they have been supporting for the last 6 years. It also showed their involvement in the production of Thai Pants –brought about by the "One Village, One Product" movement originating in Oita Prefecture –and images from recent volunteers activities undertaken in Thailand (Sunday, August 30 – Tuesday, September 8).

The exhibition was well received by the many people of Fukuoka and neighboring Prefectures who visited, showed a keen interest in each and every photo and gave words of encouragement to the PRENGO members.

Looking back on the exhibition, PRENGO representative UEDA Yuito (APS4, Japan) spoke of his aspirations for the future, "There are still many people suffering from poverty on the very same continent of Asia that we live on. Amongst this, there are people trying to help those who are trying to break out of the poverty trap. I will continue to work to inform people of this problem and encourage them to take action."

Every year in February and September PRENGO gets involved economic, hygiene and educational volunteer regional aid activities centering on a primary school in Thailand under their philosophy of "the creation of more educational opportunities and improvement of the educational environment by the people of the region". They will continue to work towards their new goal of improving the effectiveness of their activities and the further promotion of international cooperation.

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