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APU Professor Introduces Co2 Reduction Pilot Project at "Toyo-no-Kuni" Development Exhibition


Nov 11, 2009

On Wednesday, October 22, 2009, the "Toyo-no-Kuni" Development Exhibition was held in Oita City jointly by the Oita Regional Collaboration Research Consortium* and the Oita Godo Shimbun newspaper at which the "Municipal Bundling System for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions", a joint pilot project by APU, Kitsuki City and the industry and private sectors, was held in addition to a seminar presentation and panel exhibition. APS Professor and man in charge of the project, TSUKADA Shunso attended the seminar as a presenter.

This pilot project is the work of four industry, government and academic parties: 1) APU, who will decide on the carbon credit design, 2), KDDI, AVANZA Co. Ltd, and other cooperating businesses will use cellular phone and GPS technology to develop a system to calculate Co2 reductions, 3) Kitsuki City will lead the Co2 reduction activities at the regional level, and 4) the Regional Environment Network NPO Trust will be in charge of brining together the entire project. This project aims to reduce Co2 emissions through eco-driving and eco-commuting and then convert the reductions into carbon credits and this June was selected as one of the Cabinet Office's "Regional Revitalization Projects".

During the presentation, APS Professor TSUKADA Shunso spoke of the limitations of industry-lead greenhouse gas emission reduction policies and of the importance of a shift towards leadership by private citizens. He also introduced how to encourage civilian activities for the reduction of Co2 emissions such as the bundling of reduction credits, the calculation of reductions, and reductions through eco-driving and eco-commuting.

In addition to the APU presentation, a number of joint projects between industry, academia and the government were introduced. At the end of the event, an exchange session was held between members representing different sectors which provided a good opportunity for them to deepen their friendships and develop connections.

*The Oita Regional Collaboration Research Consortium
Founded in 2007 by members of seven national, public and private universities, and colleges in Oita Prefecture, this consortium aims to tackle the regional issues that would prove challenging for individual institutes to solve independently. Seven research groups have been established such as agricultural-forestry-industry collaboration, medical and health, and business human resource development. They currently have almost 50 research themes.

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