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APU Students win acclaim at Korean Speech Contest


Nov 12, 2009

On Saturday, October 24, 2009, the "Korean Speech Contest for High School and University Students" was held at Fukuoka International University. Five APU students entered the contest of which three won top prizes.

Held to support Korean language education and promote Japan-Korea exchange, the Korean Speech Contest is for high school and university students in the Kyushu/Yamaguchi area for whom Korean is not their native language and have not lived in Korea for more than a year. Held since 2008, the contest is now in its second year. APU students appeared in the undergraduate division made up of 15 students from 9 universities that cleared the preliminary stages. The five APU students made up a third of the entire division.

PAK Andrey (APM3, Uzbekistan) won the Consulate General Prize for his speech under the theme of "Kimchi, three times a day" in which he spoke of his thoughts towards Korea and his motivation to start learning the Korean language. Under the theme of "Samulunori and me", ABE Yuka (APS2, Japan) won an Excellence Award with her speech in which she expressed her passion for the Korean Traditional Music circle which she is currently actively involved with. SHIMIZU Hideki (APM3, Japan), a member of the same Korean Music circle, impressed the judges with his fluent Korean skills and also picked up an Excellence Award with his speech "It has changed my life".

Mr. PAK spoke of his happiness at winning a prize, "I am very happy to have been awarded the Consulate General Prize. I am also very thankful to Junior Lecturer WATANABE Wakana who encouraged me to enter this contest. Although an Uzbekistanian of Korean decent, I was unable to speak Korean very well until I came to APU. I took my first steps towards learning Korean at the APU Korean language classes. I always had a keen interest in Korea and wanted to make some Korean friends. In the future I want to work to become a bridge between Japan, Korea and Uzbekistan."

The participating students received pronunciation and presentation instruction from APU Center for Language Learning Senior Lecturer, HWANG Jung-nan. Furthermore, Japanese teacher and Junior Lecturer KANAI Haruo, also of the APU Center for Language Learning, acted as a member of the judging panel.

Asia Pacific language lessons continue to play an active role at APU where students from 96 countries and regions around the world come to study. The Korean language classes enjoy high levels of popularity and the university also provides opportunities for students to learn the language in Korea through language immersion and field study programs.

APU Prize winners at the Korean Speech Contest for High School and University Students:
Consulate General Prize: PAK Andrey (APM3, Uzbekistan)
Excellence Awards: ABE Yuka (APS2, Japan)
SHIMIZU Hideki (APM3, Japan)

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