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Job Hunting Support Event by APU Students –Job Offer Expert lecture in Beppu


Nov 27, 2009

On Saturday, November 7, 2009, the "Job Offer Expert Lecture" was held in the Beppu Tokiwa Department Store. Mr. YAMACHIKA Yoshiyuki and a number of managers from around Japan were invited to talk about the job hunting process and provide an insight into the current job market. This event was organized by the "Expert Job Offer Executive Committee" consisting of mainly APU students combined with other 3rd and 4th year Oita Prefecture university students.

The first part of the session saw Mr. YAMACHIKA Yoshiyuki deliver a detailed talk on the current state of the job market and how students can best prepare themselves for the complex and very competitive job-hunting process. During the second half of the event, ten leading managers from around Japan were also invited to interact and offer advice for students. At the conclusion of the event, the participants enjoyed some light refreshments and took advantage of the opportunity to get to know fellow job-hunters, share information and increase their awareness of the job hunting process.

The response from the audience proved very positive and many participating students commented on the impressive and inspiring lecture by Mr. YAMACHIKA. Many students also commented that meeting an interacting with fellow job-hunters has motivated them to be more proactive in the job hunt.

The event leader, TAKAHASHI Chiaki (APM4, Japan) spoke of her aspirations for future events, "For the next event, we aspire to provide an even more in-depth session for students to deal with their worries and thoughts regarding the job hunting process through interaction with job-hunting experts".

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA): NUGROHO Katarina Marsha Utama(APM3, Indonesia)

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