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MUSYTONE Performance at "Usuki-Takeyoi"


Nov 27, 2009

On Saturday, November 7 and Sunday 8, 2009, APU chorus circle MUSYTONE delivered a song and tone-chime performance at the "Usuki-Takeyoi" held in Usuki City.

Performing in this event for the second time, MUSY TONE members sang a number-counting song in 6 different languages and songs from China, Korea and more. They gave a typically internationally-flavored MUSY TONE show with a tone-chime performance of the Japanese children's song "Red-Dragonfly". In a cozy at-home atmosphere, the audience also joined in with the ocarina and ukulele performances, renditions of themes from Studio Ghibli animated films, and a chorus of "Furusato".

Looking back on the event, KIMURA Yuko (APM4, Japan) spoke of her aspirations for the future, "I'm very happy to have been able to perform on the magical atmosphere of the Usuki-Takeyoi stage, as we did last year. After seeing the audience humming along and even shedding a tear at times, I felt sure that they had a good time. In the future I hope to continue to similar events where we can get involved with the people of the community."

Established in 2006, MUSY TONE currently has 25 members consisting of 21 international and 4 domestic students working hard to spread their harmonies throughout not only the campus, but also the region and the entire world. They continue to be active giving regular performances at Beppu City hospitals and performing at campus events such at the "Tenku" campus festival.

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