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APU Student claims Top Prize with Tourism Essay on Regional Development


Jan 7, 2010

APU Cross Over Advanced Program – Tourism and Hospitality Institute student IKENAGA Sosuke (APM3, Japan) has claimed the top prize in the "Policies for Tourism Promotion" essay competition held by the Tourism Industry Association of Japan, Kyushu Tourism Promotion Association and presented his research findings at the "2nd Industry-Academia Open Seminar in Fukuoka" held in Fukuoka City on Tuesday, November 24, 2009.

A member of APS Professor OKADA Toyokazu's "Tourism Development as a means to solve Regional Issues" seminar, IKENAGA Sosuke is engaged in investigative research in "Nakatsue Village", Hita City. Under the theme of "Solving Regional Issues through Tourism Development utilizing contemporary industrial heritage", Mr. IKENAGA proposed "learning-experience" style tourism utilizing the renowned local hospitality and Taiokinzan – a recognized contemporary Japanese industrial heritage asset.

Attending the presentation ceremony, Mr. IKENAGA then took part in a panel discussion which followed the essay presentations under the theme of "Regional tourism and human resource development in Kyushu", and exchanged views and opinions with prominent figures involved with tourism development in Kyushu.

Mr. IKENAGA commented as he reflected on winning the top prize, "first hand knowledge and field studies were absolutely vital in my investigation and research. I took many opportunities to visit Nakatsue Village and speak with people from the town office, people involved in the tourism industry, and members of the local community. Receiving this award is a testament to all the cooperation and support of the community and I am sure that it is reflected in this result. I will continue to work towards the realization of the regional development plan I have developed".

*The Tourism & Hospitality Institute (THP) aims to provide a high level of education as it works to nurture the future world leaders and is one of the 5 specialist areas of the Crossover Advanced Program. Through a policy and strategy oriented style of education, it aims to be an outlet for human resources for the hospitality providing service industry.

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