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APU Chorus circle MUSY TONE performs at Oita City Concert


Jul 28, 2010

On Sunday, June 20, 2010, sixteen members of the APU chorus circle MUSY TONE performed at the "Summer Harmony Concert - building a bridge to tomorrow". Held at the Oita City Compal Hall, this event was held as part of Oita City's local cultural program support initiatives.

With members from Vietnam, Mexico, Thailand, China, Myanmar, India, Norway, Indonesia, and many more, MUSY TONE donned a range of traditional costumes and performed two songs, "If your happy and you know it clap your hands" and the Japanese classic, "Furusato". The songs proved popular with the crowd and many in the audience were seen singing and clapping along.

In addition to MUSY TONE, also featuring in the Summer Concert were members of the Vietnamese martial arts circle "Vovina" who gave a display of "Kokaku" martial arts. Three Thai graduate school students also gave a performance of the traditional Thai "Blessing dance".

Member of MUSY TONE, Hoang Quynh Chi (APS1, Vietnam), commented on the concert performance, "we put our heart and soul into the two songs we performed and it was great to see the happy faces in the audience. We all did our very best to ensure that we expressed our gratitude to the members of the local community and fellow performers through this concert. Performing with other groups was not only an opportunity to learn about different cultures, but also gave us a sense of harmony and unity. As a member of MUSY TONE, this was a truly unforgettable experience".

Established in 2006, MUSY TONE currently has 32 members consisting of 24 international and 8 domestic students working hard to share their harmonies with the campus, the local community and people around the world. MUSY TONE will continue to develop and maintain links with the local community in is future endeavors.

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