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Collaboration with Oita Godo Newspaper "APU PRESS vol. 2"


Jul 30, 2010

Through the collaboration of the "APU PRESS" team of student staff and the local Oita Prefecture newspaper, Oita Godo Shimbun, the APU 10th Anniversary Special Feature will be printed in the Saturday, July 31, 2010 edition of the Oita Godo Shimbun. Entitled "APU PRESS", this four-page full-colour feature will be printed in both English and Japanese and circulated to approximately 230,000 households throughout Oita Prefecture.

Planning for the APU 10th Anniversary Special Feature began in August 2009 with the Oita Godo Shimbun and APU student volunteers. This forty-six strong team including ten international and eight domestic students, has been working on the planning, writing, publicity efforts, and much more.An attempt to try something new this time will introduce a link to the web in one of the articles. On Saturday, July 31, the day of the APU PRESS edition and correlated to the article on the special lecture by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Dr. Muhammad Yunus, APM Professor YOKOYAMA Kenji will be giving a live broadcast special lecture, "Social Business from APU", via USTREAM starting at 12:00.

In addition to USTREAM, you can also enjoy viewing the lecture streaming live at "Platform03" - a local regional exchange salon run by APU in Beppu City as part of its regional development initiatives. You can also join in via Twitter. We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy an APU lecture.

USTREAM live broadcast details here

These articles have been written from our students' point of view and offer the reader an insight into APU from a unique angle. Please look forward to our joint Oita Godo Shimbun - APU 10th Anniversary Special Features!

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