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2010 Spring Farewell Ceremony for 98 Incoming Exchange/Study Abroad Students from 60 Universities in 21 Countries and Regions of the World


Aug 10, 2010

The Spring Farewell Ceremony for 98 incoming exchange/study abroad students from 60 universities in 21 countries and regions of the world was held on Wednesday, July 14th.

Professor Kondo, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs presented the students with their certificates of participation. After the ceremony, the students enjoyed the farewell performances by APU circles; Mai "Raku" and Arauma Chiyo.

The exchange students also performed a song called "Friends Forever" and everyone joined in the "Bon-odori(Tankoubushi)," often danced at summer festivals. The program closed with calligraphy as students chose favorite kanji characters to express their feelings. Students seemed sad to leave APU behind but also showed anticipation for new challenges in their home countries.

HSU Che-Chang from National Taiwan Normal University shared about his experience at APU, "I still can remember my first day at APU. It was a beautiful campus with a spectacular view. At APU, I experienced language difficulty with English and Japanese almost everyday but I did conquer this language conflict after the first semester. Overall, I had an amazing year in APU and met my best friends here!"

In the 2010 Fall Semester, we will welcome 53 new exchange/study abroad students from 38 universities in 19 countries and regions of the world.

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