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Habitat APU: Helping to put a roof over the heads of those in need in Malaysia


Sep 6, 2010

From Sunday, August 15, until Tuesday, August 31, 2010, approximately twenty members of the APU volunteer circle "Habitat APU" worked together with members of the local community of Kuching on the Malaysian island of Borneo. "Habitat APU" is affiliated with Habitat for Humanity Japan (HFHJ) - a member of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI).

Following projects in the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia, this is Habitat APU's fourth installment in their "Global Village" volunteer house-building program. Through the "Global Village" project, Habitat APU members work together with homeowners and builders in the early stages of the construction process to strengthen house beams and outer walls, lay floors, and much more.

Another unique Habitat APU project, the "Picture Book Project", involves the translation of second-hand Japanese books into local languages which are then donated to children in that support area. Books translated into Malay were presented to local children during this trip. Hiji-Youkoku High School third-year students are also involved in this project and translated Japanese books into English in July earlier this year.

Deputy-leader of the Global Village project, SHIKADA Sakura (APM2, Japan) commented on the project, "This was the first time I've taken part in the Global Village project and to be honest it was very tough work in the hot weather. But after speaking with homeowners I began to feel as though I was building my very own home. After that, the work seemed much easier. I hope to make use of this experience in future Global Village projects".

From Friday, September 17 until Monday, September 27, Habitat APU members will take part in a charity cycle tour around Kyushu. Entitled "Charinko Purezen APU Ver.", this event will see participants cycling and camping their away around Kyushu and visiting high schools and universities as part of their campaign to raise peoples' awareness of poverty around the world. They will also carry out a donation appeal. Please look forward to future developments.

Schedule for "Charinko Purezen APU Ver."

Sept. 17 (Fri):Depart Kumamoto Prefecture
Presentation: Kyushu Gakuin High School

Sept. 18 (Sat) - Sept 20 (Mon) Kumamoto - Fukuoka
(Sept. 18, 10:00-17:00, donation appeal at Tsuruya Dept. Store, Kumamoto City)

Sept. 21 (Tue):Presentation: Seinan Gakuin University
(Sept. 21, 12:00-16:00, donation appeal at Nishijin Station, Praliva Dept. Store)

Sept. 22 (Wed):Presentation: Fukuoka Pref. Kasuga High School
(Sept. 22, 10:00-15:00, donation appeal at Nishitetsu Ohashi Station, east exit)

Sept. 23 (Thu) - Sept. 24 (Fri) Fukuoka - Kitakyushu
(Sept. 24, 10:00-15:00 donation appeal at JP Kokura Station)

Sept. 25 (Sat):Presentation: Kyushu International University

Sept. 26 (Sun):Presentation: Kitakyushu - Oita

Sept. 27 (Mon):Presentation: Beppu Tsurumigaoka High School
Arrive SPA Beach

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