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APU Students Enjoy Vietnamese Culture – "Homestay Vietnam Summer 2010"


Oct 12, 2010

From Monday, August 9, until Thursday, August 19, 2010, the APU "Explore Vietnam" Student Circle offered three first year domestic APU students the opportunity to experience Vietnamese culture on the biannual "Homestay Vietnam" exchange program. Now in its fourth year, this semester's program took place in southern Vietnam under the theme of "The Sun of the South".

Participants in this year's program were offered a unique chance to experience Vietnamese culture by staying with APU Vietnamese students, a Vietnamese host-family, and interacting with local students. During their ten days with members of their host-family, APU students took part in a range of different cultural activities such as cooking traditional Vietnamese food, trying on an "Ao dai" traditional costume, interacting with friends and enjoyed the local Vietnamese hospitality.

The group also took part in a sight-seeing tour of southern Vietnam including a visit to DaLat – a mountainous area know for its all-year fields of flowers – and also the MyTho river fruit-market lined with stilt-houses and colourful fruit plantations along the riverbanks. Participants also enjoyed the summer beaches and seafood of Nha Trang City and an exchange party with APU students currently studying on language study exchange programs in Ho Chi Minh City.

Leader of the "Explore Vietnam" Student Circle, VU Tram Anh (APM3, Vietnam), spoke of her impressions of the program: "I feel confident in saying that all participants had a good time experiencing our culture and traditions in Vietnam and I hope that Vietnam has left a good impression on our guests. We look forward to welcoming even more participants onto the program in the future".

Program participant, HATANAKA Hana (APS1, Japan) commented on her experience of the program, "I fell in love with the culture and people of Vietnam on this trip. This program has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to experience such culture and friendship. I hope that I can visit Vietnam again in the future".

"Explore Vietnam" is currently organizing their next trip to Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam which recently celebrated its 1000th anniversary. Let's look forward to more interesting travel plans hope that even more students will take the opportunity to experience and unforgettable cultural exchange.

Student Press Assistant (SPA): HA Thanh Binh (APS3, Vietnam)

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