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APU Students on Teacher License Program Pass Employment Exam


Oct 20, 2010

APU students TADA Naoki (APS4, Japan) and MATSUDA Kenshi (APS4, Japan) have passed the "Oita Prefectural Public School Teacher Employment Exam for 2011" and the "Yokohama City Teacher Employment Candidate Exam for 2010" respectively. Both students are members of the first intake of the APU Teacher's License Program (English).

TADA Naoki spoke of his happiness at passing the highly competitive exam (8.6% pass rate) and of his aspirations for the future, "I have always wanted to follow in the footsteps of my former junior high school teacher and become an English teacher. Being able to study at both Ritsumeikan University (RU) and APU has given me the opportunity to make friendships with a range of people and also give me two Alma Mata's. The eight students who took part in this program at RU worked very hard together after classes, often late into the evening, and built up strong friendships. I will take my first steps as a new teacher in spring next year, but I hope that I can gain the students' trust and make a positive impact on vulnerable or troubled students".

MATSUDA Kenshi commented that, "my fellow students on the teacher program were like my comrades -we shared our hopes and doubts and encouraged each other as we worked toward our shared goal. I especially remember the RU Education Support Centre hosted training camp where we had the opportunity to meet with a variety of student teachers from a range of subjects. The teaching profession carries a heavy responsibility and has the power to influence the lives of our students. In the coming years, I hope to develop not only into a good teacher, but also as an example for my students as an upstanding member of society. I hope that someday my students will say 'I want to be like my teacher!'".

The Teacher License Program began at APU in 2007 in collaboration with the RU teacher training program. The APU program aims to create a new model for English teacher training by nurturing graduates in a multicultural environment studying alongside fellow students from a range of countries and regions around the world. This program is for English teachers at the junior and senior high school level.

With 60 current participants, this program is open to first year domestic students and is preparing to welcome its 4th intake. In addition to their regular credits, students on the Teacher License Program must also take a minimum of 59 extra program credits and complete a one year exchange to Ritsumeikan University during their third year. During the one year exchange, program students study English teaching courses at the Ritsumeikan University College of Letters.

In their remaining five months before graduation, TADA Naoki, MATSUDA Kenshi and their fellow program members aim to establish a student circle to support students aiming to become teachers. We look forward to a network of APU graduates forming a network of English teachers across the country.

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