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APU Aikido Club Holds First Demonstration since its Founding


Dec 1, 2010

On Saturday, November 2010, the APU Aikido Club held its first-ever demonstration since its founding in 2003 in the gymnasium. Clubs from 11 schools, including Kyushu University and Seinan Gakuin University, that are members of the All-Kyushu Aikido Federation participated in the demonstration as well as five clubs from local dojos: the Oita Aikido Club, Wadokai, Beppu Aikido Dojo, Aikido Seijin Juku Dojo and Shoyukai.

Participants demonstrated basic kata as well as various kata that make use of weapons such as swords and bo staffs. Children and adults in the audience were mesmerized by each club's powerful displays.

SATO Ryusei, a member of Beppu Aikido Dojo who has ties to the APU Aikido Club, commented on the students' skills. "I am sure holding its first demonstration was a lot of work for the club, but the members performed very well. I've watched the club practice several times in the past, and I was impressed by how they students have matured."

APU Aikido Club leader MATSUMURA Kana (AP3, Japan) reflected on the event. "The demonstration went off without a hitch thanks to the passionate supervision and encouragement of the senseis in the dojos. Personally, I learned many things in coordinating this event. I also think this was a great opportunity for our international student members to experience Japanese culture in the flesh."

The APU Aikido Club has participated actively in demonstrations at other schools including the Fukuoka University of Education and Chikushi Jogakuen University and plans to attend the All-Kyushu Aikido Federation demonstration on Saturday, December 4th.

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA): KIMURA Kaori (APM1, Japan)

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