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APU Photo Circle Holds Joint Photo Exhibition with Two Other Local Universities


Jan 18, 2011

From Saturday, December 22nd to Sunday, December 26th, 2010, the APU student circle APU Photo Circle held a joint photo exhibition at Oita city's Art Plaza along with the photo clubs from Oita and Beppu universities.

During this exhibition, which is held every year to foster exchange between the universities, members showcase finished works to a large audience with the aim of increasing their motivation and improving their photography techniques.

The students' unique ideas were incorporated into their displays and were also visible in the extremely creative lighting at the venue. The room, cloaked in silence, housed rows of very unique works that all portrayed the distinct value of each member's photos. The collection of photos appealed to a large audience, and visitors took time to look at each photo and search for those works that appealed to them.

One visitor expressed his impression of the exhibition by saying "I am very interested in photos and photography myself and so I was looking forward to exploring the meaning and purpose behind each photo. I was very impressed by the variety of photos here, from photos of the natural environment to portraits. I also think that getting visitors to fill out a questionnaire is an excellent way for the photo club members to hone their photography techniques."

Currently with approximately twenty international and domestic members, the APU Photo Club enjoys a range of photography styles and the different idiosyncrasies of film, digital, hand-made and disposable cameras.
We look forward to more great exhibitions by the APU Photo Circle in the future.

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA): NAGAYAMA Tomohito(APS1, Japan)

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