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"Machi-Naka Festival 2010" – Recreating the APU Campus Festival in Beppu City


Jan 24, 2011

From Monday, January 17 until Sunday, January 23, 2011, the "Machi-Naka Festival 2010" was held by the APU student circle 'Cemi-tu'pui'. Held in Beppu City's central shopping district, the event offered a range of internationally flavoured performances and foods.

The "Machi-Naka Festival" concept was the winning entry in the student division of a recent competition held by Oita Prefecture for original ideas to promote and attract more customers to Oita Prefecture's local shopping districts. This project was supported by Oita Prefecture.

During the event, festival-comers were treated to a range of opportunities to experience the multicultural APU atmosphere including powerful Latin dance and Japanese drum performances by APU student circles, a parade of colourfully-dressed students from a range of different countries and regions, and food-stalls offering dishes from the students' native countries.

On Saturday 22, the "Coffee, Talk, Beppu" live talk-show was held which saw APU students and staff discuss "Beppu in 2020" with members of the local community. A number of proposals were raised about the future of APU and Beppu from each respective standpoint.

Event organizer, Cemi-tu'pui, is a student organisation working towards the revitalization of the local community and the promotion of greater student-community exchange. In July 2010, Cemi-tu'pui also held the "Thank you, Beppu!" parade as part of the APU 10th anniversary celebrations to express our gratitude to the local community for its support over the last 10 years. In addition to Cemi-tu’pui members, approximately 130 APU students also took part in the parade, performances and food-stalls.

Cemi-tu'pui representative, IEIRI Kensei (APM4, Japan), commented on the event, "I would like to offer my thanks to everyone from APU and the local community who came along and participated. The event was a success thanks to your cooperation and support. I hope that this leads to more students getting involved in our activities".

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