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Photojournalists SATO Kei and YASUDA Natsuki discuss International Cooperation


Feb 3, 2011

On the final day of the "Under the Same Sky" photo exhibition (Tuesday, January 25, 2011) a live talk show was held between photojournalists SATO Kei and YASUDA Natsuki.

Photojournalists in Zambia and Cambodia, SATO Kei and YASUDA Natsuki continue to produce images and articles based on their time living together and experiencing life with the locals. The talk show centered on the subject of "international cooperation" based on the two journalists' experiences. The large number of students who came along to the packed house was a testament to the high levels of interest in this event.

This event was made possible through the efforts of APU students PARK Kiho (APS4), TOSHINO Yo (APS2, Japan) and OKAMOTO Hiroshi (APS2, Japan). These three students took part in volunteer projects in Zambia with Mr. SATO for approximately four weeks.

Event representative, PARK Kiho commented on the project, "This event is the result of our shared interest in the work of Mr. SATO and his efforts to show the world a true image of Zambia, instead of the sad images that often come to mind. I am very thankful to everyone who offered their support and came along to make this event such a success. We believe that we have a role to play in linking generations with each other and intend to continue holding events like this after we graduate. We also look forward to more events of this kind being held at APU in the future".

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