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English Translation of the APU Story Now Available

Apr 1, 2011

The English translation of the "APU Story - The Birth of Japan's "Global Cooperative" University" is now available. First published in April 2009 by Chuokoron-Shinsha, the English version is now available online via the APU homepage. The book looks at the urgent issue facing Japan –the globalization of universities and education. It illustrates the students' expectations at the time the university opened, and what kind of activities they poured their efforts into.

It is a very interesting book looking at the history of APU. We hope you enjoy reading it.

English Version of: APU Story - The Birth of Japan's "Global Cooperative" University
(Available in PDF format)

The book is also available in Japanese at local bookstores or at the following sites:

Chuokoron-Shinsha (http://www.chuko.co.jp/tanko/2009/04/004025.html)
Online Bookstore bk1 (http://www.bk1.jp/product/03102302)
Yahoo! Books (http://books.yahoo.co.jp/book_detail/AAX95881/)

"APU Story - The Birth of Japan's "Global Cooperative"

Written by the APU Story Editorial Committee
Paperback pocket edition
RRP: 1208 yen (1150 yen + GST)
ISBN 978-4-12-004025-2 C0037

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