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Help give a meal to children in developing countries – “Table for Two” meals now available at the APU Cafeteria


Jul 4, 2011

From Monday, July 4, until Friday, July 8, a range of “Table for Two” meals will be available on the APU menu. By buying a healthy and nutritious Table for Two meal you can help to provide another meal for a child in a developing nation somewhere around the world.

Originating in Japan, Table for Two is part of the NGO Table for Two International (TFT) and aims to contribute to international society by alleviating poverty in developing countries as well as obesity and diseases due to unhealthy lifestyles in developed countries. For every healthy and low-calorie meal purchased off their special menu, 20yen (about the price of a meal in a developing country) is donated via TFT and put towards providing school lunches in developing countries. Currently approximately 230 organisations throughout Japan are involved in this project including major business, restaurants and the civil service.

Six APU students including KINOSHITA Yuto (APM2, Japan) have established “Table for Two APU”. With the help of the Ritsumeikan Co-op (managers of the APU Cafeteria) this project is being introduced for a limited time. The original menu will remain available with the addition of Japanese-style plum and chicken rice, Kimchi udon noodles, and more.
Your lunch could help to change international society so let’s make the most of this delicious opportunity!

Table for Two APU
On sale: Monday, July 4 – Friday 8. NB: during lunch hours only
Venue: APU Cafeteria
Available menu:
    Cool Kimchi udon noodles, 300yen (339kcal)
    Japanese-style plum and chicken rice, 380yen (632kcal)
    Vegetable curry, 300yen (650kcal)
NB: Only 60 of each item are available on any given day. Available while stocks last.


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