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The “eco + R” Ritsumeikan Environment Report Homepage opens

Jul 7, 2011

The Ritsumeikan Global Environment Committee was established in February 2010 and has since been involved in tackling mid-to-long-term global environmental problems. The Committee brings together all branches of the Ritsumeikan Academy including universities, primary, junior and senior high schools, and aims to create a recycling-focused and sustainable future for the global environment through education and research.

The new Ritsumeikan Environment Report Homepage “eco + R” was opened the by the Ritsumeikan Global Environment Committee as a place to introduce environmental initiatives under way throughout the Ritsumeikan Academy.

Information about power, gas and water consumption at each of the Ritsumeikan schools will be published on the “eco + R” page in addition to examples of projects to reduce our burden on the natural environment and promote environmental conservation.

The “eco + R” Ritsumeikan Environment Report Homepage (Japanese only)

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