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The first ever Iran-Day at APU – introducing the Persian culture


Jul 15, 2011

APU is currently home to students from 81 different countries and regions around the world. "Multicultural Weeks" offer students the opportunity to take the central role in planning a week-long event that puts the spotlight on one of the many nations represented on campus, its language and culture.

On Monday, July 18, APU hosted the first ever “Iran-Day”. This one-day event will introduce the ancient culture of Mesopotamia and Persia.

Following the theme of Emperor Cyrus of the ancient Persian Achaemenid Empire, the show featured a range of student-choreographed dance and musical performances, and also introduced Persian traditional costumes and dress. 

 Footage of the day's events is accessible on the internet via Ustream. Please be sure to tune in and enjoy the colourful performances by APU's multilingual and multicultural students. 

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