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Yuan Ze University students visit APU as part of Kyushu study tour


Jul 29, 2011

On Friday, July 1, 2011, a group of students from Yuan Ze University, Taiwan, visited APU part of their seven-day study tour of Kyushu. During their stay at APU the group enjoyed a campus tour, lunch with APU students, and two special lectures with APU faculty members.

 In addition to a lecture by Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor ARII Ken, under the theme of “Energy and Environmental Policy”, the group also enjoyed a lecture by liaison Director TAKANO Kenji under the theme of “Japanese corporate culture”. Based on his career as the former CEO of NEC Europe and multiple postings around the world, Professor TAKANO spoke of the differences between Japanese and western management practices including the decision making and staff recruitment processes.

During their visit to Kyushu, the group also visited Toyota Motors Kyushu and the Fundokin Soy Sauce Company. Yuan Ze University is one of the thirteen universities in Taiwan that APU is affiliated with. In October, 2010, the two parties concluded a student exchange agreement and we look forward to more exchange at the student and university level in the future.

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