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Indonesian Week Grand Show – Multicultural Week 2011


Jul 29, 2011

On Friday, July 8, 2011, the Indonesian Week Grand Show was held at the APU Millennium Hall. The house was packed with APU students and VIPs, including APU faculty and members of the Indonesian Embassy. The event proved so popular that only standing room was available at the back of the hall for some audience members.

Under the theme of “Sabang sampai Marauke” (from Sabang to Marauke), Indonesian Week 2011 took the audience on a visual journey through Indonesia displaying the traditional music and dances from each district of the nation. The performance followed the tale of a girl, Adinda, her father with supernatural powers, Satria, and people who live in their village that was attacked by the powerful warlock, Bara.

One of the event representatives, Adhika Surya Peddyanputra (APS2, Indonesia) expressed his thanks to all members who contributed to the show’s success, “I participated in this event because of my patriotism towards my country and also because I wanted people to know more about Indonesian culture. We started to prepare for Indonesian Week 2011 in October 2010 and I think we did really great job - I am already missing Indonesian Week.”

Many Indonesian and non-Indonesian students took part in this year’s Indonesian Week including ADACHI Kaori (APS4, Japan) who gave her impressions of the event, “I have participated in Indonesian Weeks in past but overall I felt that this year’s was the greatest show I have seen since I entered APU. Although I will graduate next year, I hope that the next Indonesian Week will be even better and I look forward to coming along and experiencing Indonesia again – a country that I love so much!”


Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA): KOSUGI Tomoya(APS2, Japan)

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