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Open Lecture on the International Material Flow Management (IMAT) Program by Professor Dr. Peter HECK


Feb 8, 2012

An open lecture on the subject of “Material Flow Management” was held by Professor Dr. Peter HECK on Wednesday, January 25th 2012. This open lecture gave students the opportunity to learn more about the International Material Flow Management (IMAT) dual master’s degree offered at APU and the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS) at the University of Applied Sciences, Trier, Germany.

The IMAT Program aims to train and educate competent leaders capable of understanding and tackling global business development processes. As an interdisciplinary program, IMAT facilitates holistic business and technology management strategies through a combination of engineering, economics and environmental science.

Head of the IMAT Program, Professor HECK, began by introducing the Environmental Campus, home of the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS) where students in the IMAT Program spend one year of the course studying. The campus is an impressive sight to see as it is sustained by renewable energy sources to generate heat and energy. The campus is the first Zero-Emission Campus in Germany with its very own industrial park next to it. “Waste is Resource” is the common mentality of students in the program.

Later, Professor Heck outlined the market potential for graduates in various renewable energy industries, “For future industries, we need new systems and people who are skilled in management and are serious about creating sustainable societies”.

Using the example of solar energy, Professor Heck explained that the most investors are hesitant to invest in renewable energy projects because of the initial costs. In actuality, the costs of solar energy operations are decreasing every year meaning that investors can gain even greater benefits through this reduction in costs. “The trick to it is making investors understand this and that’s what an IMAT graduate can do. They can act as mediators between the environmentalists and economists” explained the Professor.

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Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA):ALTANBAGANA, Saruul (APM3, Mongolia)

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