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Venture Business Plan Contest for Students in Oita

Jan 19, 2006

On Saturday, October 22, the Venture Business Plan Contest for Students in Oita was held at Tsurumi-so Hotel in Beppu City. This contest aims to enhance venture business opportunities and increase the base of entrepreneurs. The contest this year was the second of its kind.

This contest is for students who are studying at a university, graduate school, junior college, technical college or vocational school in Oita Prefecture. A total of 11 submissions were received from universities within Oita Prefecture. Presentations were made by 7 speakers who had passed the first round of screening. The students spoke about the characteristics and potential of their business plans, which drew on their individual fields of study and university life. From a business perspective, the judges asked the contestants many difficult questions including: "Don't you think the actual costs would be more than the estimated figures?" and "What would you do if competitors entered into the market?"

The top award was given to Jurgutis Tadas from APU (APM Graduate) and Awards for Excellence were presented to KUBO Masahiro from Oita University and Nguyen Thi Hong Ngoc from APU (APM 4) respectively.

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