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Special Lecture by Mr. SATO Shigetaka, Chairman of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Nov 9, 2012

On Friday, November 2, 2012, a special lecture was delivered under the title of “Building a tourism-oriented Japan by hand” by Mr. SATO Shigetaka, the Chairman of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Chairman of the Board, Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

During his lecture, Mr. SATO introduced tourism service initiatives underway in Eastern Japan and Osaka drawing on his regular contributions to “Travel Journal” – a specialist tourism industry magazine to which Mr. SATO has been contributing to since 2006.

Opening up the new bullet train line in Kyushu, suggested Mr. SATO, has made it possible for more international tourists arriving at Kansai International Airport to easily make their way to Kansai and throughout western Japan. “Increasing the number of foreign tourists arriving in Japan will help to develop the domestic tourism sector further. In order for this to happen, we need to provide a range of tourism models that can meet our clients’ diverse needs, including the characteristic Japanese tour-style tourism model, and help tourists to experience Japan and our regional identities and specialties”.

The floor was then opened to questions from the audience to which Mr. SATO addressed in detail. In response to a question about the negative impact diplomatic disputes are having on the tourism industry, Mr. SATO suggested that the sector can rebound through greater interaction and exchange at the civilian and local level.

Ahead of the lecture, Mr. SATO met with APU President KORENAGA Shun and exchanged views about the future of the Japanese tourism industry.

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