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3rd Year Students Present Findings from Prof. Ichioka's Seminar

Feb 8, 2006

On January 20, 2006, 3rd year students from Prof. ICHIOKA Yasuko's seminar held a presentation.

This seminar is part of the APS seminars, which require students to carry out fieldwork during the Spring Semester and make a video composition of it during the Fall Semester at one of the towns involved with Oita's "One Town One Product" Campaign. Yamaga Town provided the backdrop for investigations and both the fieldwork and video was compiled around the four themes of 1) rice farming, 2) stock breeding, 3) corporate farming and 4) farming successors.

Please click here for a short movie produced last year titled "Farming Successors."
This time the theme "Three color ballpoint pens – If they were us" was added to the four categories mentioned above and presentations were held on 2 of the individually compiled and researched projects.

Ms. MORI Azusa (APS 4) produced the video, "The Good old days – Shigin being passed on through the generations." Her motivation for making this film was when she was in middle school she thought Shigin (Chinese-poem recitation/chanting of verses) was old fashioned but after discovering black Gospel music in College she realized her knowledge about Japanese music was limited. The video was set in Ms. Mori's hometown in Ehime Prefecture and she traces her father's cousin who's a master in Shigin and focuses on the attractions of the music. Students who have seen her work have commented that Shigin is complex but has a very deep meaning, so it's a shame that more people don't understand its significance.

After Ms Mori's film, "The return to the Bluebird" produced by Mr. KOBAYASHI Toshimasa (APS 4) was played. His film documented people who are trying to revitalize the old Bluebird Theater located on the Beppu station road. Mr. Kobayashi first visited the Bluebird Theater in fall 2002 and it reminded him of a small theater in his hometown of Kawaguchi City in Saitama Prefecture. The word "return" in the movie's title refers to the producer's desire to go back to the good days of old and encourage people to rediscover the quaint little theatre and experience something you can't quite get from the huge cinema chains. After the presentation, office staff commented that they could feel what Mr. Kobayashi was trying to convey and it reminded them sweetly of their school days.

Prof. ICHIOKA Yasuko said that the 3rd year students had worked hard for the Presentation and the success was seen in the large number of people who went to view the students' efforts.

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