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APU Ranks 2nd in University Brand Power Survey

Mar 6, 2006

APU placed second in a "University Brand Power Survey" announced by Dentsu Kyushu Incorporated on February 9, 2006.

For more details, please click here (Japanese only).
This survey was carried out by Dentsu Kyushu Incorporated in December 2005 and aimed to analyze the image of various universities from the perspective of citizens in general. Seventeen universities based on their size and locations were chosen as the sample, and a total of 1250 people aged between 15 and 59 from 7 prefectures in Kyushu completed the questionnaires.

Questions were divided into 5 categories such as 1) education and nurturing, 2) unique character, 3) international cooperation, 4) job hunting and 5) information dissemination. APU received a high evaluation in its "development of the next generation" (unique character and response capability for the next generation), "Network" (international cooperation and contribution to local society) and "transmission of information and culture."

APU will continue its efforts to meet and exceed the expectations of local society and educational institutions.

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