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Minnesota FD Workshops Bring International Faculty to APU


Feb 1, 2018

APU students have incredible opportunities to study abroad. Did you know that APU faculty can do the same? Throughout the year, the APU Division of Academic Affairs facilitates The University of Minnesota-APU Cooperative Faculty Development Program. The University of Minnesota (UMN), a highly respected institution in the United States of America, has collaborated with APU in this program since 2013. Workshops held this January mark the final stage of the annual program promoting cooperative learning between the faculties at both universities.

At the beginning of the academic year in April, UMN faculty visit APU to hold teaching workshops and observe classes. In September, APU instructors travel to Minnesota to attend intensive training workshops and observe lectures. At the end of APU’s academic year in January, UMN professors return to APU to see how program participants have improved their teaching methods utilizing what they learned on the program.

This January’s workshops with faculty visiting from UMN emphasized course design and how to integrate rapidly evolving technology into the classroom. Current program participants then shared their experiences with past participants during a discussion session.

APU faculty are an internationally connected group of scholars that offer a globally recognized standard of education. They continue to hone their craft through faculty development programs held throughout the year.

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