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Student Extracurricular Projects Receive Awards


May 8, 2018

In 2017, APU launched a system to support student-run extracurricular activities. The three categories in the support system are Type A: Autonomous Event, Type B: Selected Project, and Type C: Enterprise & NPO Co-create Project. Students can receive financial support that is appropriate for their project type.

On April 12 and 13, the six groups selected as 2017’s Type B: Selected Projects gave presentations to a panel of APU faculty. The groups detailed almost a year’s worth of activity, showing what they had achieved, and what could be improved for the future. Top prize went to the group Bhabishya and Jamarko for Nepal, with Musical Company receiving the APU Prize for best representing the APU spirit. The Special Prize went to the Baseball Club for its unique contributions. All of the selected projects met and overcame their own distinct challenges over the year, and everyone can look forward to the new activities that will be selected for the 2018 academic year.

The student organization Bhabishya and Jamarko for Nepal received top prize.

Musical Company received the APU Prize.

And the Special Award went to the Baseball Club!

We’re currently featuring Special Projects in a gallery showcase. Click the link to see how APU students are making a difference through their extracurricular activities.

Two Stars


APU International Relations Student Association

AY 2017 Selected Projects
Project Name Overview
Two Stars Create opportunities to consider refugee issues and the acceptance refugees, and conduct educational activities.
TABLE FOR TWO Collect food that would go to waste and hold a cooking event, and have campaign events that will educate and bring more attention to the food problems in the world.
Bhabishya and Jamarko for Nepal (BAJ) Donate a library to a school in Nepal and hold events to ensure the library can be used for an extended period.
APU International Relation Student Association Implement scenario-based simulation competitions with students from APU as well as other universities. The simulations are based on a global negotiation setting, and while each participant is in their individual roles, they need to reach one agreement.
Baseball Club Invite high school students from Sri Lanka to APU to participate in cultural exchange by playing baseball. This project has been developing over the last two years.
Musical Company Hold a musical with Beppu citizens in both Japanese and English.

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