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President Deguchi Holds Open Dialogue with the Governor of Mie Prefecture

May 25, 2018

On April 12 in Nagoya City, APU President Haruaki Deguchi held an open dialogue with the governor of Mie Prefecture, Eikei Suzuki. President Deguchi hails from Mie Prefecture, which was the inspiration for the discussion.

President Deguchi and Governor Suzuki centered their conversation on advice they would like to give to young adults, those individuals who will soon be the future of Japan. The two speakers also shared what experiences young people should have in order to make the most in an era of change. They also talked about the kind of people that will be necessary in the global society of tomorrow.

During the talk, Governor Suzuki recommended that young students should prioritize real experiences, and that in order to be someone who can think for themselves in all kinds of situations, they must improve their ability to think critically. He continued by saying that the duty of education is to give students many opportunities to realize a sense of accomplishment.

President Deguchi remarked that the fundamentals of study have not changed across the ages. Technology may have advanced, but the five bodily senses form the basis of learning. He also posited that just as a large triangle overlaps a smaller circle, an ideal education should push individuals to strengthen their fields of specialization, while also working to become better than average in their weaker areas.

In a final message to middle school and high school students, Governor Suzuki suggested they should pick up and maintain good habits, as those will form the basis of what people will do and be able to do in life. President Deguchi concluded the talk by saying that when young people do something they enjoy, they should do it consistently and thoroughly. Doing what you enjoy will lead to a greater thirst for knowledge.

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