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University response to novel coronavirus infections (third report)


Aug 9, 2020

Seven APU students have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. All of these students were in close contact with the two students announced yesterday, August 8. None of these students are residents of AP House.

All APU classes for the spring semester were conducted entirely online, and in general students have not been coming to campus. Currently students are prohibited from coming to campus.

We respectfully ask that everyone respect the privacy of the affected students and their families.

As there have now been cases announced two days in a row, we are deeply concerned for the health of the students as well as the health of everyone at APU and in the local community.

In response to this, the APU Novel Coronavirus Countermeasures Task Force will further work with Oita Prefecture, local health centers, and other related organizations in making the prevention of the spread of the infection a top priority.

For more information about the measures APU has taken to prevent infection, visit the following website: http://en.apu.ac.jp/home/news/article/?storyid=3173

APU is deeply concerned about the situation. We will continue to make every effort to raise awareness and encourage everyone in the community to take all appropriate actions to prevent further spread of the infection.

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