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311 Students Celebrate Fall Graduation at APU Millennium Hall

Sep 25, 2006

Approximately 500 students, family and friends gathered for APU's Fall Graduation Ceremony at the APU Millennium Hall on Friday, September 15. Milling around, adjusting gowns and mortar boards - the mood was buoyant to say the least. For 311 students from 34 different countries and regions, the day was a culmination for many, of four years of study, adventure, travel, new experiences and many late nights of study!

APU President, Mr. Monte CASSIM in his greeting said:

"I am confident that they [the graduates] will become responsible citizens, who will use the knowledge and experience gained at APU to work toward realizing the aspirations of humankind."

The Ando Momofuku Honor Scholarship recipient Ms. Wenda Gumulya (APM, Indonesia) in her speech on behalf of the graduate representatives said:

"Graduation is not an end. It is a passport to a new beginning. Let us challenge ourselves to actively seek out the best in our lives. Make the most of every opportunity and experience. Strive for excellence. These are the precious lessons APU has given all of us."

Afterwards, Mr. AZAD A.S.M. Sohel (GSAM-APS, Bangladesh) said the following on behalf of the graduating students:

"I have a request to the graduating students; please do not make all your desires self-centered. Wherever we go, although we may strive for our own interests and goals, we must also think about the betterment of society and those around us."

The Fall Graduation Ceremony concluded with the graduates tossing their caps high into the air of the auditorium. It was a big day in their lives and represented the beginning of a new chapter.

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