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Local TV and Radio Broadcast Information

Feb 19, 2007

Mr. Joel DECHANT who works in APU Academic Office will appear on the following radio and television programs this week.

Name of Program: NHK Radio No.1 "Konnichiwa 80chan desu!" (Nationwide broadcast)
Date: Tuesday, February 20th
Time: 11:30-11:50
Segment Content: Mr. Dechant talks about the attractions in the Kan'nawa area of Beppu City, his enthusiasm for being a foreign tour guide and how he hopes to appeal the vitality of Beppu City.

Name of Program: OBS "Kabosu Time" (local Oita broadcast)
Date: Saturday, February 24th
Time: 9:25-11:00
Segment Content: Mr. Dechant, Mr. Bernie GONZALEZ (from the APU Admissions Office) and five APU international students tour Kan'nawa, pointing out various attractions in the area. The program will show how the students are preparing to become multilingual tour guides.

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