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APU Introduced at Cabinet Education Rebuilding Council

May 7, 2007

On April 18th, 2007, APU was featured as a leading example of an international university at a meeting of the Education Rebuilding Council during the "9th Workshop on Education Rebuilding" (Workshop 3).

The establishment of the Education Rebuilding Council was approved by Cabinet on October 10th last year, and is aimed at developing policies to reinvigorate education through reforms that return to the fundamentals of education and the creation of an appropriate system of education for Japan of the 21st Century.

The Education Rebuilding Council held three workshops on the following themes:
Workshop 1: "Educational Institution Rebuilding"
(Discussions on issues relating to scholastic ability and faculty)
Workshop 2: "Social Morality, Households and Regional Education Rebuilding"
(Discussions on issues connected to social morality, households and the education level of regional communities)
Workshop 3: "Education Rebuilding"
(Discussions on issues relating to broad reform of the education system)

Among those present at Workshop 3 were 10 key figures including the Special Advisor to the Prime Minister YAMATANI Eriko, who mentioned that she was 'impressed with APU (Asia Pacific University) and the fact that half of its student body hail from 80 different countries and regions around the world".

She stated that it would be better "for Japanese to go on exchange to APU rather than other countries abroad. APU has an established scholarship system and is nurturing students to become future leaders in their home countries". She added that APU fosters a multicultural campus and encourages learning about different cultures and asked whether this should become national policy.

Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, YAMATANI Eriko also added that APU, with students from 80 different nations, doesn't act in favor of any one country. She also noted that many international students experience living in Japan, learn Japanese and assist in internationalizing the country.

APU is currently involved in a broad range of reforms aimed at development and further internationalization, all enacted under the auspices of the basic ideals of APU which encompass 'Freedom, Peace, and Humanism', 'Mutual International Understanding', and the 'Future Development of the Asia Pacific Region'.

Refer to the following PDF for more information on the workshops. (Japanese only)

Education Rebuilding HP: (Japanese only)

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