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APU Student Presentation on Beppu-Hiji Research

Jul 26, 2007

On Saturday, July 21, 2007, a presentation was held on research conducted on Beppu and Hiji by 150 students enrolled in the College of Asia Pacific Management.

The session was held to report on the fieldwork conducted about how to revitalize the Beppu and Hiji region. One hundred and thirty second year students who take APS Associate Professor SEIKE Kumi's 'Introduction to Research Methods' and 20 student Teaching Assistants (TAs) attended the presentation.

As part of the investigation, students divided into seven regional groups, carried out surveys and interviewed local people concerning the culture and history, natural environment and food culture of Beppu and Hiji.

The presentation was divided into two sections. During the first session, student representatives from each group gave presentations at the Beppu City Community Center. For the second session, the participants moved to their fieldwork sites and each group representative reported on the results of their 4 months of research.

A number of local residents attended the latter session and listened attentively to the students' research presentations. The audience appeared interested to hear the students' ideas on the future of the region.

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