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The World Tourism Organization and APU hold a Signing Ceremony for an MOU for "Cooperation in Tourism Education & Research"

Sep 13, 2007

On Wednesday, September 12th, 2007, APU signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to provide for increased mutual cooperation in tourism and hospitality management education and research as well as tourism industry support in the Asia Pacific region.

With over 150 member countries the UNWTO is the world's largest international tourism organization. A specialist organization of the United Nations, the UNWTO aims to increase interest and development in the tourism field.

APU is the first Japanese institute of higher education to sign an MOU with the UNWTO. The UNWTO signs MOUs with institutes of higher education around the world in efforts to promote joint research and engage in activities to support the tourism industry. Amongst others, the UNWTO has official ties with the University of Queensland, Kyung-Hee University and the University of Hawaii.

The ceremony was attended and the MOU signed by the Secretary General of the UNWTO, Mr. Francesco Frangialli, and APU President Mr. Monte Cassim.

APU and the UNWTO plan to implement joint research projects and internships that comprise the sending of APU research students to the UNWTO Regional Support Office for Asia and the Pacific.

Since opening, APU has focused on developing human resources for tourism in the Asia Pacific region in its Asia Pacific Tourism concentration in the College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS).
Later in 2006, APU established the Tourism & Hospitality Institute, an interdisciplinary academic body that integrated aspects of both the College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS) and the College of Asia Pacific Management (APM). APU is working on advanced programs that will later lead to graduate studies.

It is hoped that this collaboration with the UNWTO will allow APU to further promote Tourism Research and Education.

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