Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



2007 Fall Semester RA Training Camp

Sep 20, 2007

AP House, the student dormitory on the APU Campus, was built to accommodate approximately 1300 students. It is an international dormitory where people from various countries and regions around the world live together and practice a multicultural co-existence on a daily basis.

To provide support to the new students, a number of existing students act as Resident Assistants, or RA. There are two RA's on each floor and they live in AP House together with the students. The mission of the RA is to provide a support network for the new students' adaptation to dormitory life and also their lives as residents of Japan. In addition to this, since April 2007 AP House has been established as an International Education Dormitory, and the RA lends support to this also.

Recruitment of RA's is carried out every six months and this fall semester there will be 64 RA's active throughout each floor. The RA Training Camp was held from 6th to 11th September 2007, where new members were welcomed as Resident Assistants and provided with training on the basic rules and skills as an RA, and on how to form relationships of mutual trust.

As well as supporting the students in their everyday lives, a series of key practical programs were also implemented at the training camp, including games to practice cross-cultural communication and to learn the basic knowledge of the RA, and also an opinion exchange relating to possible scenarios that may take place in the dormitory.

On the final day, the RA Inaugural Ceremony took place, where Vice President Nakano presented each Resident Assistant with a certificate of commission.

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