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2007 Fall Semester International Exchange Student Orientation

Sep 21, 2007

On Thursday 20th September 2007, the Fall Semester Orientation for 70 new international exchange students took place in APU classroom F104.

APU welcomes not only many regular full-time students from overseas, but also those who choose to study on a temporary basis, such as short term exchange programs. In comparison to other Japanese universities, APU's flexible academic system, which boasts a bilingual education system as well as semester, quarter and session classes, allows international exchange students to undertake a course that best suits their needs.

A total of 77 international exchange students will join APU to study during the 2007 Fall Semester. These students hail from APU affiliated universities in 21 countries and 49 regions worldwide, including amongst others Icelandic and Dutch universities, which recently entered into an exchange agreement with APU in the past year.

The new APU Affiliated Universities and Institutions are as follows:
*Warsaw School of Economics, Poland (from September 2006)
*Tilburg University, Holland (from November 2006)
*ISEP: International Student Exchange Program, U.S.A. (from November 2006)
(A North American NPO based in Washington D.C., ISEP is a network of more than 200 U.S. and international universities that engage in a reciprocal student exchange program)
*Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines (from December 2006) 
*University of Iceland, Iceland(from January 2007)   
*Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong (from May 2007)   

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