Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



First AP House Seminar of the Fall Semester

Oct 19, 2007

At AP House on Thursday 11th October, the first "AP House Seminar" of the fall semester took place. Beginning this spring, the "AP House Seminar" aims to encourage the student residents to think and act for themselves through an exchange activity between teachers and students held at AP House.The fall semester seminars, entitled "Dialogue Series", will focus on two professors holding a discussion and the students will be encouraged to freely participate in the debate. The first seminar welcomed Professor YAKUSHIJI and Professor YAMAGAMI who held an extensive discussion with the student residents on the theme of "International Law: The Law of the Sea and the Refugee Recognition Law".

Future seminars will be based on a variety of diverse topics and we hope that many non-resident APU students will also participate. A schedule of future seminars can be found on the campus terminal.

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