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Title: The 23rd Japan-Korea Student Forum

Nov 2, 2007

The 23rd Japan-Korea Student Forum
"Pioneers for Coexistence through Mutual Understanding"

The Japan-Korea Student Forum has its origins in the Japan-America Student Conference. Some of the students who participated in this conference approached the Korean Student Association hoping for the same kind of forum between Korean and Japanese students, and it was finally established in March 1986 in Seoul. Since then the Japan-Korea Student Forum has been managed solely by students, adopting a non-government, non-religious and non-profit organisational philosophy. The chief purpose of its activities is to open up frank discussions between Japanese and Korean students.
The 23rd Japan-Korea Student Forum was held in August 2007 on the theme of "Pioneers for Coexistence through Mutual Understanding". Through various discussions and cultural introductions at workshops, the students were able to have an active discussion about the future of Japan – Korea relations.

The debriefing session for this forum was held as per the schedule below.

Kyushu Debriefing Session
Date: Saturday 3rd November
Time: 13:00
Venue: APU Building F Classroom F205
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
1-1 Jumonjibaru, Beppu-shi, Oita-ken, 874-8577
*This session will be held in Japanese only.

The Japan-Korea Student Forum Committee is currently recruiting for the 24th Japan-Korea Student Forum. If you would like to take part please refer to the website below.

Entry: http://jksf.cc/24/sendmail/postmail2.html
Deadline: Friday 30th November
Screening: Sunday 2nd December from 13:00 (tentative)
Venue: APU Campus
HP : http://jksf.cc/24/

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