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International OVOP Policy Association "1st Annual Conference" at APU

Dec 4, 2007

On Thursday 22nd November 2007, the International OVOP Policy Association (IOPA) held its "1st Annual Conference" at APU.

The IOPA was founded on 4th December 2006 and aims to internationally promote research about local revitalization and international regional development through "One Village One Product" activities and policies. It also aims to provide opportunities for mutual intellectual exchange between researchers and research institutes in Japan and abroad. IOPA is an academic study association and active members include researchers, public officers and professors who are interested in the OVOP (One Village, One Product) policy and the international regional OVOP policy.

On the day of the conference, Mr HIRAMATSU Morihiko (Honorary President of the International OVOP Policy Association); Mr IGUSA Kunio (Professor, Malaysia-Japan University Center); and Mr. KIM Ju Hyung (President of Korea Research Institute for Local Administration) delivered keynote speeches to around 120 people participating in the conference.

All in all, it proved to be a great opportunity for the Japanese and foreign researchers to engage in exchange through the presentation of articles and papers, and through a variety of sessions based on themes such as International Policies of Rural Development and Rural Activation Policies.

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