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"Habitat"APU Activity Report Meeting

Feb 19, 2008

On Tuesday 22nd January 2008, one of APU's registered student organizations, "Habitat APU", held an Activity Report Meeting on campus for APU students.Habitat APU is a volunteer circle working under the auspices of the nongovernmental organisation, Habitat for Humanity. With the vision of "a world in which everyone has a decent place to live", Habitat for Humanity provides low-cost housing for people in need in poor areas all around the world, with the houses being built and repaired by the assistance of volunteers.

The Activity Report Meeting was carried out with the aim of encouraging people to think about what having a house can really mean to many people. A photo exhibition was also held to coincide with the meeting, showing the activities of the APU volunteer construction workers on site.

At the end of the meeting, TERADA Shiho (APM1, Japan), a representative for Habitat APU, talked about the project as follows.

"From 18th to 30th August 2007, HABITAT APU went to a building site in the small town of Tagaytay on the Philippine island of Luzon, to join the Habitat for Humanity volunteer construction activities known as the "Global Village Program". At the construction site we helped to build houses with the local people and professional carpenters. Although we had no experience in construction, the professional builders taught us how to construct frames and mix cement for the foundations. Although it was not easy to work in such hot weather, the warm interaction with the local people gave us the energy to work hard. By the last day of our stay, we had succeeded in completing the framework for a total of nine houses. Through this volunteer work, we were not only able to recognise the importance of having a home where a family can gather and feel secure, we also felt that it was important to tell other people what we learned from this experience."

Habitat APU is now making preparations to participate once more in the Global Village Program in the summer of 2008.

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