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20 APU students participate in the "Asian Youth Exchange Program in Okinawa"

Sep 8, 2008

For the approximately 3 weeks from Wednesday 6th of August through to Tuesday the 27th of August a total of 75 Japanese high school students and members of the "Asian Youth Exchange Program in Okinawa" participated. Following a theme of "Environment", the Cabinet Office sponsored program's activities were held and 20 APU students participated as tutors and facilitators.

45 Japanese high school students and 30 students selected from 14 countries of the Asia-Pacific region participated in the program. The participants listened to lectures by Japanese active in the world such as astronaut Mamoru MOURI and alpinist NOGUCHI Ken and exchanged opinions about global problems through group meetings and a mock-United Nations. The participants also learned about the coral and ecology of Okinawa, went snorkeling, and visited the Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum.

APU has been, with the goal of nurturing a spirit to become people who can participate in the world in the future, participating in the program since the planning stage and during the program 4 APU faculty staff have been participating as instructors. 16 international students from 11 Asian countries participated as student tutors and facilitated the groups. 4 APU Japanese students supported the flow of the program as facilitators. APU President Monte CASSIM also participated in the activities and stayed with the participants in the same hostel.

PARK Kiho gave his impressions of the event: "I participated as a Leader of the Facilitators and shared in activities with youth from both Japan and the Asia Pacific region. I feel strongly that the subject 'environment' connects from the individual to the nation and to the world. I feel strongly that there are no borders in the environment. I hope to make use of the leadership skills I have learned through the program in my future university life and actively tackle environmental problems".

Link to the Cabinet Office "Asian Youth Exchange Program in Okinawa"

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